Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cancerous tumor weighed 23 kilograms of the stomach of an American woman

Surgeons removed in the state of "New Jersey" America and the cancerous tumor was growing rapidly and reached its weight to 23 kg of the woman's stomach, which had been put off treatment for more than a month, covered by health insurance for inflation until the tumor in this way.
Daobera said David, who led the surgery for women aged 65 years: "She was a lady skinny abdomen is huge, I mean it seemed as if they were pregnant with triplets."
I felt women's pain in the abdomen by about eight weeks she went to the hospital, and took her body swell quickly, and said Daobera, she sought treatment on the fourth of June or days after the festival her sixty-fifth, the age at which the eligible for the U.S. program for health care for adults , and added: "The reason it did not go by this is that they did not have health insurance."
And found Daobera and his team, that the tumor which apparently originated from fatty tissue around the intestine covered many of its members had to remove the internal and with the utmost caution and deliberation during the operation, which lasted five hours.

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