Saturday, June 9, 2012

Onions brings happiness and prevents osteoporosis

Chocolate is no longer brought more food to be happy, that argument has shifted to the common myth, after a study revealed that the list of food with more food that brings happiness to the people and issued by the onions.The study confirmed the Swiss that the onion is more foods that bring happiness and pleasure, followed by carrots, beans, bananas, potatoes, and conducted the study published by the newspaper "Daily Express" on 100 of basic food commodities to see how much happiness you can bring food and low prices. It is strange that the wishes of the respondents issued onions in the list of delicious foods that bring happiness, such as chocolate, potato cakes, which were dashed here the myth that chocolate is the secret of happiness.And detect medical research for a natural compound in onions effective in strengthening bones and reducing the risk of being infected with Baltriqq and fragility, where he said researchers at the University of Berne: "This compound has proven effective in reducing bone loss when used in the cells of the bone derived from mice, laboratory, indicating that eating onions constantly to prevent osteoporosis, especially when elderly women at high risk. "The researchers found after analyzing the chemical compounds active in the white onion, the more complex is responsible for reducing the bone loss is the "LG. Me. C. S", the researchers observed after the dismissal of a group of cells of the bone and exposed to the hormone "Baraterwid" activator of bone loss and then exposing Some of the compound to compound the prevention of bone mineral loss significantly, especially calcium, compared with that of cells not exposed to him, according to the newspaper "economic" Saudi Arabia on Monday.The study also reported that eating green onions is the best protection from the risk of heart disease, especially stroke, which contains green onions to the article "Alblutin" which are also found in various types of tea, and apples, but at rates less than those found in green onions.The study showed that the intake of between 100 and 200 grams of green onions three times a week has significant health benefit.

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