Sunday, June 10, 2012

Skin cracking (cheilitis) at the mouth

Close-up of skin cracking and splitting at the side of the mouth in an 84 year old male patient, known as angular cheilitis (stomatitis), aggravated by dribbling. This may be due to fungal or bacterial infection, or vitamin deficiencies.

Cracked and sore mouth corners are the symptoms of a bacterial or fungal infection called angular cheilitis .

Angular cheilitis (also known as  angular stomatitis and perleche) is triggered by any conditions that cause saliva to accumulate in the sides of the lips to create a moisturized environment where fungi and bacteria can live.

One such condition is the use of dentures that do not fit properly. Other conditions that may cause angular cheilitis are the constant licking of the lips and the drooling during sleep.

People who have a compromised immune system or a deficiency in iron or in vitamin B are more vulnerable to angular cheilitis.

Angular cheilitis is usually treated with antifungal ceams or 1% hydrocortizole. but it can also be treated with home remedies .

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