Saturday, June 9, 2012

Thrombosed molluscum pendulum

Close-up of a molluscum pendulum (skin tag or acrochordon) on the abdomen, a benign epithelial growth on the skin which in this case is obstructed by a clot of blood (thrombosed).

The molluscum pendulum is a skin tumor, a benign tumor, not cancerous. It may be flesh-colored to clear much darker. It is pedunculated, meaning it has a kind of rod or longer (like a foot) with the tip of the rod, a small piece of flesh. 

What this is due molluscum? 

We do not know really, it comes like that. But beware, it should not be confused with molluscum contagiosum who they are contagious and tend to multiply. 

Is it necessary to remove his molluscum pendulum?

Not especially because they are not dangerous. However, if they bother you aesthetically, or if your chains, your necklaces are often made in, the dermatologist can remove them . 

How to remove them? 

Two techniques are practiced by dermatologists: 

- Cryotherapy, cold treatment. The doctor applies liquid nitrogen is extremely cold on the molluscum that freezes and will be destroyed by cold. Sure, it stings a little, but is fast. 

- The other technique involves cutting the foot of molluscum by coagulation. The small artery that irrigates the small tumor is coagulated by heat. Here, it burns a little. A third conventional method is to remove old and molluscum yourself. Just take a fine wire or a hair tie and the base of molluscum. He will fall in a few days ... For healing, it takes 3 to 5 days, no problem!

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